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Newsletter #2: In The Chair, Masonic Podcast

Masonic Podcast Flyer
If you haven’t already please ensure you are subscribed to the newsletter (don’t worry, you’ve only missed two) so you can keep updated with the show, get a digest of the last month’s episodes and any other useful information or resources that may be of use. Because this...
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ITC 20 In The Chair Masonic Podcast: Happy New Year 2016

In The Chair Podcast 20 Happy New Year
Happy New Year! This week’s show is a reflection of 2015, and looking forward to 2016, and how you as a listener can help. Firstly, we look back over the previous episodes. You can find the show notes (and listen to them) by going to: www.masonicpodcast.com/category/podcast. You can...
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In The Chair brings new members into Freemasonry

Entered Apprentice Apron
This morning I received an email from Roy who has been considering joining Freemasonry and in his search to find out more he stumbled upon my In The Chair podcast: Hi Robert, Firstly congratulations on doing such and excellent and professional job on the podcast, I have listened...
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