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ITC 10 In The Chair Masonic Podcast talks to Mark Davis and James Birdseye about Freemasonry

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Today’s guests are Mark Davis and James Birdseye, both Master Masons in Old Sunning Lodge (5987) and discuss their experiences as Freemasons.

Normally each podcast episode is an interview, this episode is more of a conversation between three like-minded people talking about their involvement in Freemasonry.

Mark is currently Senior Deacon, and James Junior Deacon so we discuss how they are getting on with ‘learning the words’, and how quickly or slowly new members should be introduced to learning, and why it’s important to calibrate this for each individual member to aid retention of members.

We also talk about visiting Lodges, and how having Freemasonry in common is a great leveller and how they are always made to feel welcome by people they have never met before.

We also tackle the tricky subject of who are the “right” people for Freemasonry, and how the Province of Berkshire have a recruitment team that run open-days to introduce people to Freemasonry and start the conversation with interested parties.

This leads onto the information that is out there about Freemasonry on the internet, which can be a benefit because it allows potential members to do research before joining. Controversially, is the traditional way of explaining Freemasonry off-putting?!

Mark says we need to keep the traditions, but we also need to be “new Freemasons”, and how we need to focus on the social and fun aspects of Masonry, as well as making things like Lodge of Instruction a fun aspect and something to look forward to.

In fact, the whole episode could be summarised by, “In Freemasory there are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet!”

I also ask Mark and James the ‘quick questions’:

Why did I become a Mason?
Why did I stay a Mason?
Do I have a single memory of Freemasonry?
Any advice for people interested in joining Freemasonry?

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